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Eureka fic: The Opposite Reaction

Title: The Opposite Reaction
Author: dreamingwriter
Rating: G
Characters: Jack Carter/Tess Fontana, Henry Deacon, Allison Blake
Disclaimer: I don't own Eureka.
Summary: Every second with Tess stirs up his emotions.
Author's Note: More of a tag to 3.15 than anything else. Many thanks to hyacinthian who betaed.

Tess smirks and Jack fights the almost magnetic pull she exudes as she walks away, her last words hanging in the air, unprocessed. The pressure in his chest eases once she's out of sight and he sighs.

He hadn’t intended this, but he follows her anyway.


There's a weird combination of guilt and relief when Allison lets him go, and he's afraid for one paralyzing moment that it was all for nothing. That he pulled her away from Nathan and made things more difficult for nothing, and then she tells him to rub her feet and he decides that this friendship is what he wants.

They eat the ice cream he brought in the spirit of sympathy pregnancy and he shivers, not from the cold, but from realization.

He's realizing that he wants Tess, too. Allison grins at him over her spoon, like she knows exactly where his thoughts are headed; he takes another bite of cherry berry fusion.


The late nights watching meteor showers and asteroids streak across the sky are killing his mornings, but he doesn't have it in him to cancel, doesn't want to, so he takes his exhaustion out on his alarm and drags himself out of bed.

Coffee helps him make it to work, though still bleary eyed, and as the day wears on he smiles. Asteroids are pretty cool. Having Tess tucked into his side, warm and happy, is even better.


Soft, is all he can think when he kisses her, but she isn't pliant and she nips his jaw, kisses his neck. His hands mold themselves to her hips and he returns her attention with fervor. She exhales shakily and something inside him growls, possessive and more than a little proud.


A couple weeks later and Henry is quiet. No one blames him; dissolving a replicate of a lover for any reason isn't supposed to be easy. Jack finds excuses to visit, knows Henry sees right through his claims to have forgotten his keys, but the other man seems to appreciate the effort.

And he likes to tease, like everyone else in town. Tess Fontana, they say, expressions colored with amusement, confusion, and shock, but she makes him laugh and keeps him on his toes, and not even a minor spatial disruption in the café can bring him down.


Every second with Tess stirs up his emotions; every retort, glance, touch, and grin, but he thinks his favorite moments are the quiet, contemplative ones she induces when they sit on his jeep and stare up into the sky. She lets him pretend he understands exactly what's happening out there and he sees the woman who fell in love with space and its mysteries, with science as a weird byproduct of it all. A rush of affection sweeps through him. He squeezes her hand, fingers warm twined between his, and she looks up at him, smiling.

The universe does things for strange reasons and he’s glad for this chance at an ever after.

Tags: character: jack carter, character: tess fontana, pairing: jack carter/tess fontana, television: eureka

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