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Masterlist: Customer Service

Title: Customer Service
Summary: AU wherein Sam's getting married, Dean is helping out as best he can, and Sam and Jess are worried about Dean, who keeps meeting Castiel and doesn’t quite mind.
Wordcount: 10,345

Fic post

Art post by the amazing samibee

Notes: I didn't start the challenge with this idea, but I adored it and switched after impalalove pulled me back from the edge. Basically, any fic from me for the 2010 Dean/Cas Big Bang is due to her.

Some story notes: I did a little research about Dean's profession for this story, but I hope I did it justice. There's a joke about the quality of pet fish sold at supercenters that I started but didn't quite manage to fit in, which is disappointing to me on so many levels. I was reading Slaughterhouse-Five when I finished this fic and stuck it in for kicks.

Thanks: A huge thanks goes to impalalove who, as I said before, kept me from dropping out and stopped me from making a very stupid decision. This fic came about because of her and I hope she loves it! The amazing beta work was done by sephirothflame. Thank you for being amazingly patient with my rough draft and for helping me clear up a lot of stuff! samibee made the amazing art for my fic, despite the fact that we were both terrible with emailing each other. I had a great time working with her and hope to do so again!

Final thanks go to my brother. He was surprisingly cool about me writing slash (and even guessed I was writing Dean/Cas in less than ten minutes, ha) and is really the reason I made the wordcount. He'll never read this, but it means a lot that he nagged me so I could get it done.
Tags: 2010 big bang, pairing: dean/castiel, television: supernatural

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